My name is Conny Laxell. I'm a multi-instrumentalist,
composer, teacher, dancer and artist working with
movement based art since 1999.
This web page is an introduction of me and
the work I do. 
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Rooted in rhythm, I own and play a wide variety of percussive and tonal instruments. Ranging from congas, djembes, frame drums and drumset to cigar box guitars, kalimbas, keyboards and handpans.


I've specialized in playing Live for different art forms and have through the years developed a keen eye for what is needed to enhance and help what is being expressed. I use different Loop-machines to layer instruments in real-time which gives me the opportunity to play and compose Live in the moment.

art forms

I play and create music for a dance, circus, yoga, meditation, visual art, media, concerts and performances. I'm currently working on an album with meditation music.                                                                                                                   



Since graduating from Ballet Academy in Stockoholm in 1999, I've been working as a dancer, musical artist, actor and musician. I've worked and toured for a number of state institutions, private theaters and production companies and I've performed on most of the big stages in Sweden.

WORK with dance

 The bulk of my work as a musician has been within the field of dance, playing for a wide variety of classes, styles and techniques such as: Modern, contemporary, jazz, ballet, improvisation, dance for children and youth, Graham- Horton- and Cunningham technique. Beyond working with most of the big dance schools in Stockholm I am currently working with:
  • Cirque Arte Diem - circus performances and workshops
  • Recoil - workshops in dance, training
  • Kudo/Laxell - performance in modern dance
  • Palucca Tanz Woche - dance improvisation performances
  • Stockholm Contactimpro - weekly jams in contactimpro
  • DansAlliansen - workshops in dance, auditions
  • Cullberg Balett - playing for dance classes


I've been teaching bodypercussion since 2010 after
working and touring with the group Rytm Ba´.
I find it to be a fantastic tool for teaching music
and rhythmical understanding for dancers and
other movement based artists.
I focus on:
  • Timing
  • Different rhythmical feels
  • Time signatures
  • Subdivisions 
  • Music theory
  • Choreography
  • Physical awareness
  • Listening
  • Poly rhythmical phrases
  • Using the voice to understand rhythms 
I offer tailor-made workshops of
different lengths and number of
classes. Contact me for more info


For videos and more pictures, please visit my instagram account by clicking the link below.

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